The Matrix

The Matrix is a Revolution in Computing

The Matrix is a modern, advanced and extremely "Safe" computing platform. The Matrix Platform extends from endpoint computer (device, desktop, mobile) through to its Internet Backbone called the Matrix Online Backbone. The Matrix Platform is composed of endpoint applications, often referred to as "Matrix-enabled Applications", which execute within a Matrix Disk Image on the user's endpoint computer. Matrix applications have exclusive access to the Matrix Internet Backbone. The Matrix Backbone is only needed when information is exchanged or shared between people or computers. Information/Data is not stored long term on the Matrix Backbone as is the norm in today's popular computing environment. The Matrix Backbone is not the Cloud and in fact, acts and performs in ways quite the opposite of cloud computing.

Serious Problems with Today's Popular Computing Environment

In today's popular computing paradigm, all of the following is unfortunately normal and common place:

These items and situations are common place today and this is just a sampling of the complete list. Our digital evolution and progress has come to a halt. Today's current computing platforms, servers, and middle man are not designed nor motivated to address the computing requirements of the 21st century.

The Matrix Resolution, Finally

The Matrix is an entirely new computing platform, not derived from cloud or other technology, that provides a rational, appropriate and safe information harbor without any of the above baggage or failures.
The Matrix Digital Revolution starts on the Desktop:

In the Matrix Environment, the user's have complete control of their computing environment and information without reliance on a middle man.

The Matrix Privacy Policy

The Matrix Privacy Policy and User Protection Policy is as modern, innovative and as progressive as the technology itself. LARC and the MATRIX does not maintain or hold any user information online or offline. LARC does not access, filter, copy, or sell any user profile information or user data that traverses the Matrix Backbone. LARC does not have access nor visibility to any user data, user meta data or user network routing information. LARC does not aggregate nor centralize user or user population information. The LARC Matrix does not contain centralized user authorization or authentication; no user accounts, logins, or associated passwords exist on the Matrix. User Matrix IDs are bearer certificates, held and controlled by the user, that allow user access to Matrix Facilities. In summary, the Matrix provides advanced protection to user Privacy by not storing, holding, or even having knowledge of user profile and user data.

A Little Hard to Believe

It is hard to comprehend such a system given today's state of the digital union. It's brand new technology, built specifically for the needs of today and tomorrow. Using is believing. We invite you to try the Matrix Apps and associated Matrix Internet Backbone technology yourself. Currently released apps are in the Matrix Store and over the coming months many more apps will be released to Matrix Subscription Holders. You will find that many apps don't need a live Internet Connection as you are managing your data offline safely and under your own control. That alone will help you learn to trust the system. Once you begin to understand the physics of the Matrix, you will realize that the Matrix treats each user as their own independent virtual Internet. In other words, when using the Matrix Backbone it's like having your own private Internet Environment that is not only separate from everyone else, its invisible to others and vice versa. When creating, managing, editing your information on your Desktop - that information resides solely on your local computer - not in the cloud or the sky or somewhere outside of your domain - it stays on your computer until you want to share a copy of it with others. These concepts are rather simple, rational, and practical - however, for many reasons, we have strayed off course over time in these first generations of our relatively young computing industry. The Matrix Backbone lives on top of Matrix Super Router technology. Private Super Routers are available from LARC should you not want to use LARC's publicly hosted Super Routers. Super Routers are for private residential, business, government, or enterprise environments.

Does the Matrix replace the Cloud

Our mission and goal is to provide modern, rational and safe computing via Matrix Technology to everyone and everything. The Matrix supports the Cloud and all related technologies including legacy email, web and information sharing. The Matrix natively integrates with and augments the capabilities of most legacy technologies.

Is the Matrix only for the Technologically Elite

The Matrix is literally for everyone and everything (as related to the digital realm). The Matrix is designed to be very familiar and easily adoptable from an end user perspective. We offer many levels of new computing applications that can be leveled with the user's individual needs. The user now has the ability to control and manage their own information. So really the User and the Matrix work together to create a very modern and rational computing environment. LARC provides many recommendations for operating within this new paradigm and its up to you the user to find your appropriate data balance. The Matrix is for everyone. Professionals, Students, Individuals, Families, Businesses, Governments, Corporations, etc. Anyone can use it, Everyone can benefit from it. Additionally, the Matrix is designed to be used by devices, TVs, Business and Research applications and other forms of computing and automation. This is just the beginning of a new digital journey and world.

How to Learn More about The Matrix

At we publish a bunch of details around the technology and our discoveries. For under the hood, more techie stuff - that site is great. Additionally, Over the coming year, LARC will be offering all sorts of educational opportunities and informational sessions to fuel this new technology and conversation. In the short term, every Thursday afternoon LARC offers an open tech talk at 4pm pacific time. Should you wish to join in, simply send an email request to Matrix Apps are easy to use with a consistent usage model across all the applications. Exploring and playing with the Apps is learning about the Matrix first hand.

Where to get Matrix Applications

Matrix Apps are available from this website via the Download top link. This site is your first source for using the Matrix. Registered Matrix Subscribers also get access to Matrix Applications directly from the Matrix. See the Matrix Store (same as the Download link) for information on Matrix Subscriptions.

Enjoy the Matrix!

The LARC Team

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